The initial in-person consultation to discuss your legal matter is always FREE.  As each person and legal issue differs, you will be treated as an individual, rather than simply a cog in a wheel. Mr. Israels will sit with you and spend the time necessary to discuss your legal matter/issue, as well as any paperwork that you may have. Mr. Israels will ask a variety of questions in order to gain an understanding of your file, explain your options, and then discuss with you the exact cost of his Retainer to take on your legal matter.


A Retainer is also known as a “deposit” or “down payment” that is paid by a Client, in order to secure Mr. Israels’ services in relation to the matter for which the Client wishes to hire Mr. Israels. Once the decision is made to retain Mr. Israels’ services, in order to provide certainty and comfort to the Client, the Retainer amount is written into a contract called a “Retainer Agreement”. This agreement is then signed by both the Client and Mr. Israels.


Like most Criminal Defence Lawyers, Mr. Israels does not charge on a per hour schedule; rather, his legal fees are determined on a “fixed fee” or “flat fee” basis. In other words, one sum will cover the cost of Mr. Israels handling your file from the moment he is retained, all the way through to the conclusion of your file. 

In order for Mr. Israels to determine what the Client’s particular fee will be to represent him/her, Mr. Israels will consider the seriousness, jeopardy, complexity, and nature of the criminal charge(s) that a Client is faced with. This is an individualized process; one that includes Mr. Israels having to thoroughly read, review, and consider the contents of the Police report(s), discuss the case with the Client, consult any applicable case law, as well as often speak with the Crown and/or the police. Once Mr. Israels gains a working knowledge and understanding of the Client’s case, as well as obtains the Client’s instructions on how to proceed, Mr. Israels will in turn discuss his exact legal fee with the Client (which enables the Client to make an informed decision, by knowing exactly what his/her representation by Mr. Israels will cost).  As with the Retainer, the Fixed Fee is then written in a “Fixed Fee Agreement” to provide certainty and comfort to the Client. The Agreement is signed by the Client and Mr. Israels.

Finally, there are NO hidden costs or additional expenses owed in relation to the fixed fee. Rather, your legal fees will serve to cover ALL aspects of Mr. Israels’ direct involvement in your file, including: all Court appearances, Client meetings, phone calls, emails, legal research, preparation for Trial and/or resolution submissions, letters, postage, correspondence with the Crown and/or the police, as well as the use of the Associate and/or Articled Student. Note: There are a few exceptions which are outlined in the Fixed Fee Agreement (ie – out of town travel, counselling, and the use of an interpreter for Client meetings).


Mr. Israels understands that some Clients are not in the financial position to immediately pay legal fees. In order to assist, Mr. Israels’ Office provides an option of entering into a manageable payment plan schedule.

For your convenience, Mr. Israels accepts Visa, MasterCard, direct debit (Interac), cheque (certified or bank draft), or cash. Whatever form of payment is utilized by the Client, a receipt is issued.