Mr. Israels is a former Crown Prosecutor of 5 1/2 years at both the Provincial and Supreme Court of British Columbia. During that time, Mr. Israels prosecuted strictly criminal law matters ranging from crimes of violence (predominantly handling domestic assault, spousal assault, sexual assault, and assault – all types), to uttering threats, harassment, driving offences, weapon offences, and murder. As a former Prosecutor, Mr. Israels considers himself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to conduct hundreds of prosecutions while being in Court on almost a daily basis – dealing with bail, trials of summary and indictable matters, as well as sentencings. In other words, Mr. Israels was carefully instructed and taught to know what the Crown must prove to obtain a conviction. Having switched “sides” to do Defence work as a Vancouver Criminal Lawyer, Mr. Israels now uses that valuable knowledge and trial experience he gained while a Prosecutor, to the Client’s advantage when defending your case.  Mr. Israels is thus able to provide a unique perspective on both the law and legal issues, because he analyzes your case first from a Crown perspective, and then from a Defence perspective – allowing the Client to have the benefit of experience from both sides. Should your matter proceed to trial, preparation is the key to success. Mr. Israels is extremely detail oriented and will carefully and thoroughly review the Crown’s case with the Client multiple times prior to trial. In doing so, not only will Mr. Israels be extremely well prepared, but the Client will be too. Being a former Prosecutor gives Mr. Israels the knowledge and experience of what sorts of issues will likely arise and more importantly, the types of questions that will likely be asked of the Client by the Prosecutor.  Having conducted hundreds, if not thousands of witness interviews as a Prosecutor (both civilian and Police), Mr. Israels is in the very fortunate and advantageous position of possessing the knowledge and experience to prepare the Client for the types of issues and questions to expect from the Prosecutor under cross examination.  Mr. Israels will also thoroughly prepare his Client for direct examination.  In essence, providing a winning combination of knowledge, experience, and preparation. Mr. Israels also maintains his ties with the Crown office and in doing so, he continues to be hired at times on an “ad hoc” basis – contracting his services to act as a Prosecutor for the day.  In doing so, he maintains his unique perspective on criminal law; knowing the law from both sides.