The following Vancouver criminal law legal links have been included so that you, the Client, have immediate access to Vancouver criminal law related sites. Included in these links are helpful resources related to drunk driving / DUI, drug offenses, crimes of assault, and so forth. Please click on any of the criminal law links which may relate to your matter of interest. Should you wish to contact me for the purpose of discussing your legal matter and/or any of the contents of these criminal law links, please call me for a free consultation at (604) 488-1313.

British Columbia & Canadian Legal Resources
The following are links to the official sites of the British Columbia court system:

The Canadian Bar Association
Federation of Law Societies of Canada
The Criminal Code of Canada
Corrections and Conditional Release Act
Canadian Legal Information Institute
The Supreme Court of British Columbia
The Court of Appeal of British Columbia
The Provincial Court of British Columbia
Criminal Record Checks

Drunk Driving | Impaired Driving | DUI
The following resources will provide informaiton specific to defending your case or will provide information related to Drunk Driving issues.

Wikipedia Article on Drunk Driving in Canada
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Canada Safety Cousel
The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
The International Council on Alcohol, Drugs, & Traffic Safety
ICBC – Road Safety – Drinking and Driving

General Related Sites
The following links will lead you to general resources and information that were used in the production and promotion of this site. Directory
Legal Menu
CBC Digital Archives – Crime and Justice
Discover Vancouver Forum
Online Lawyer Source
Free Criminal Law Advice