Drunk driving lawyer

Criminal charges of drunk driving / impaired driving / drunk driving accident / DUI / drunk driving over 08, and refusal to provide a breath sample are all very serious charges which, if convicted, carry a mandatory minimum penalty of a one year driving prohibition and a $1000 fine, not to mention a criminal record. One’s insurance rates, life, livlihood and ability to travel may all be negatively affected. In other words, you need an experienced drunk driving lawyer / drunk driving attorney to help you. Do NOT plead guilty.

Also known as impaired driving, DUI (drunk driving under the influence), or DWI (drunk driving while impaired), these criminal driving offences are considered by the Crown to be very serious charges. Although such drunk driving offences carry significant penalties, there are many defenses at law (both technical and otherwise), that are available to you, and thus require experienced legal counsel who know the law of drunk driving; preferably from both sides. As a former Prosecutor, Mr. Israels dealt with multiple drunk driving and drunk driving accident files in both Vancouver and North Vancouver, as well as at the Supreme Court level. Having switched sides to become a Criminal Defence Lawyer and Drunk Driving Lawyer, Mr. Israels knows the law of drunk driving from both sides, giving him a unique perspective on how to defend your rights. He uses his valuable legal knowledge and trial experience he gained as a Prosecutor, when defending your drunk driving case.

Mr. Israels will take the time to review the law of drunk driving with you. As a former Crown, he knows what the Prosecutor must prove and he will discuss those elements with you. More importantly, Mr. Israels will then discuss the multitude of ways to challenge such elements – including a broad range of issues, beginning with the Officer’s grounds for pulling you over and asking you to provide a breath sample, to the Officer ensuring that you are offered the option of speaking with legal counsel, as well as the Officer having to comply with the drunk driving provisions of the Criminal Code. In other words, hiring the right drunk driving lawyer is essential to your defence of all drunk driving and impaired driving related charges. The “recent cases” portion of Mr. Israels’ website (link above), outlines some of his most recent successful decisions when dealing with drunk driving offences – no breath sample readings are too high to challenge!

If you are facing drunk driving or drunk driving accident related charges, you need to know all of your options, from both sides of the law; as a former Prosecutor turned Criminal Defence Lawyer, Mr. Israels can do that for you. Call Mr. Israels to set up a free consultation to discuss the potential defences to your drunk driving case.

Recent Cases

R. v. K.C. [2018]
Charge of domestic assault (causing bodily harm to Client’s wife) – challenge to Complainant’s evidence – successfully resolved – charge dropped – STAY OF PROCEEDINGS – NO CRIMINAL RECORD

R. v. D.B. [2018]
Charge of domestic assault (Client’s ex-girlfriend) – challenge to Police evidence – successfully resolved – charge dropped – STAY OF PROCEEDINGS – NO CRIMINAL RECORDAL RECORD

R. v. H.H. [2018]
Client under investigation for sexual assault – challenge to Complainant’s evidence – successfully resolved before any criminal charges laid – CASE CLOSED – NO CHARGES


R. v. H.K. [2018]
Client under investigation for assault (road rage) – challenge to Complainant’s evidence – successfully resolved before any criminal charges laid – CASE CLOSED – NO CHARGES